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Homemade Cherry Danish

Buttery, flaky swirls of pastry with sweet, syrupy cherries

Make the dough with flour, butter, yeast, eggs, sugar & salt

Roll the dough into a large rectangle

Take high quality Irish butter and roll it flat

It should be about half the size of the dough

Place the butter onto half of the dough

Fold the dough over the butter.

Roll it out again into a rectangle

Fold both ends in towards each other

Then fold one end over the other, like closing a book

Roll it out again into a rectangle. Fold one end 1/3 of the way in.

Fold the other end over. So now it's folded in thirds.

Roll it out again. Slice 1" strips of dough.

Twist the strips of dough

Form them into spiral shapes. 

Fill each dough spiral with cherries. Brush with egg wash.

After baking, drizzle danish with vanilla glaze.

The pastry is golden brown and so flaky! 

Perfect for a special brunch!

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