Kickoff Cocktails

Kickoff Cocktails

The Superbowl is a national holiday in our house, and it doesn’t matter who is playing. Every year on Superbowl Sunday our kids come down with this, uh, weird ailment – we’ll call it Superbowl Fever – which invariably requires them to stay home from school the next day. It doesn’t usually matter who is playing or even what the half time show is, we just love the party and we don’t let it end because of a silly school night obligation to have a bed time.

In fact, the less we care about the teams playing, the better our menu usually is. The year that our Philadelphia Eagles played in the Superbowl, I can’t even remember what we ate. We were way too focused on the game, and what a glorious game it was! But most years, our Superbowl Sunday menu takes on a life of its own. And while the beer is always flowing, these Kickoff Cocktails are a tradition – almost a must-drink, just so you don’t jinx the game.

These Kickoff Cocktails are a nice balance of sweet and tart, refreshing and cheek-blushing. They don’t have any added sugars beyond what’s naturally occurring in the fruit juice. I’d rather save the calories for all the delicious football food. If they are too tart for your palate, go easy on the lime juice. I’m giving you the measurements in parts instead of shots or ounces so that you can make whatever size batches you want, from single cocktails to big pitchers.

I hope you’ll love these Kickoff Cocktails enough to make them part of your Superbowl Sunday tradition too. Enjoy!

Combine first four ingredients and stir gently. Garnish with fresh orange and lime slices and serve over ice.

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